We all start somewhere…


Starting something a new strikes fear into most people, myself included. It presents the unknown, a risk of crashing and burning in a ball of flames or the potential to change lives for the better.

Today I have chosen to take the plunge into the deep end, and step out of my comfort zone (about 200 miles out of it!). I have always admired those who write daily journals, or the bloggers who’s posts keep you coming back with interest. The whole concept projects a sense of catharsis…but who would care to read about what little old me has to say?! It is this train of thought that has held me back for so long. My internal monologue is like a broken record on repeat telling me ‘your lifes not interesting enough to write about’, ‘your writing isn’t good enough’, ‘dont waste your time’ until I just put the idea to the back of my mind, along with any hopes that go with it (violin in the background!).

BUT…Im not going to listen to the negative now, the fear of failing or making abit of a tit of myself is not worth the constant weight of not knowing. At the fine (old!) age of 27, its time to put myself out there. I dont expect anything from this except perhaps getting back to enjoying writing.

Life is short…what the hell am i waiting for?! A sign? Someone to tell me to do something about it? Nope. Ive just been lazy with my own life. No excuses.

Make the decision. Take that step. Don’t toe dip…jump straight in!

Ciao for now!



Author: scribblesbyshiv

Lifelong procrastinator, and lover of all things literature. Commiting to improving myself and achieving goals.

2 thoughts on “We all start somewhere…”

  1. This is exactly how I felt when I wanted to start a blog. I sat around thinking for weeks about it and since I was so scared of failing, I didn’t do it. Eventually I put all fears behind me and jumped in. I’m glad you did the same! I can’t wait to see more posts from you!


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