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As of late I haven’t been able to immerse myself in my all time favourite hobby as much as I would like. Its left me with a book shaped whole in my heart 😔.

Nothing feels quite as satisfying as being engrossed in a story that has your imagination running wild, or a character who entices you to into their world, leaving you wanting more, page after page.

I have quite an eclectic taste when it comes to books. But my heart lies with classic literature. I enjoy the challenge of understanding the archaic language, the history of the time, the underlining substance that is often more compelling than that of modern  (HOW in the name of all things sacred is 50 shades of grey one of the biggest selling books of all time!!).

Currently I have tasked myself with reading ‘The Divine Comedy‘ by Dante. This epic narrative poem is the spiritual journey taken by Dante through the 9 circles of hell called ‘Inferno‘, ‘Purgatorio‘ and ‘Paradiso‘.

Excuse my furless baby…

Although reading a text as complex  as ‘Commedia‘ – as it was in its orginal Italian- is a real challenge at times. The overall sense of spirituality is overwhelming. Not only that, but it is completely fascinating to learn through Dante’s writing about the political strife between the Guelf and Ghibelline fractions and the history of Italy at the time, around the 1300’s.

Currently Dante is being accompanied by Virgil, a contemporary of Dante’s, who he holds in high regard. His journey is depicting the different ‘sins’ commited by those who have passed on, and where this places them in the 9 circles. Throughout he is shown the violent, often torturous punishments those sinners have to endure for eternity. The level of depravity is dependant on the sin of the individuals (such as adultery, or not commiting to believing in God one way or the other).

As this is such a long read, I may add a later post with my thoughts at the end.

Id love further reading suggestions if you have any!

Tell me…whats your current read?


Author: scribblesbyshiv

Lifelong procrastinator, and lover of all things literature. Commiting to improving myself and achieving goals.

3 thoughts on “Currently reading…”

  1. The Divine Comedy has such a profound impact in literature that it is definitely a great choice. If you are looking for something along similar lines in more antiquated language, I would recommend The Monk by Matthew Lewis. Published in 1796 when he was 19 (crazy, right?) The Monk is a complicated Gothic tale about morality, Christianity, and the ability for even the most pious humans to contain folly.
    I am currently reading The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick. Very interesting look at what might have happened if the Axis had won World War II.
    This was a great post and I look forward to more!

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    1. It is such a thought provoking read also, in many ways not even just that of religion. I have read The Monk (was suggested by my literature tutor as i love gothic literature). I couldnt refrain from putting it down, fantasticslly haunting book! Amazing when you think of his age.
      Ah brilliant, do let me no if its worth a read when you finish!
      Thank you for checking out my blog, much appreciated 😊

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