Health = Happiness?

Personally, I can admit that i have been an unhealthy individual for years. Im not overweight, or suffering from a physical illness as such. I have battled my way through eating disorders, and anxiety, coming out the other side however not with what would be considered a good level of health.

Recently, I became completely fed up of not feeling like a fit, healthy 27 year old. This is the prime of life, what the hell am I achieving sitting on my arse evening after evening? Other than it being boring as sin, im wasting potential. Potential to be the best version of myself. Potential to be happy.

So Im now taking myself on a ‘fitness journey’! I have dedicated myself to making time for eating at least 3 times day, drinking COPIUS amounts of water, and working out 5 times a week.

I do however despise gyms, just all the ego floating around completely turns me off from those places! So currently im undertaking it all at home, with a small weights set up.

I’ll be tracking and blogging about my progress and how its genuinely making me feel 😊

It anyone is on a similar journey, then best of luck. YOU CAN DO IT!

Check out my Romanian deadlifts…

Follow my progress on instagram too @shivc 👍


Author: scribblesbyshiv

Lifelong procrastinator, and lover of all things literature. Commiting to improving myself and achieving goals.

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