Writer’s block?

Are you an experienced writer? Do you blog, journal, or devote your time to penning an extra chapter of that secret novel you’ve been working on? If so I tip my metaphorical hat to you.

I feel deflated or lost. I crave to write, to find my natural writing discourse…but its evading me.

Perhaps the never ending world of the internet has the answers!

How do you stimulate your creative buzz? When you initially started dipping your timid toe in the waters, how did you find what to write about, your muse or motivation?

I’ve tried to explore writing as a daily exercise but seem to forever doubt my abilities to write anything of quality.

I encourage your tips, tricks and words of wisdom if you have any to spare.


Panic mode!!

So today the panic set in.

Currently Im studying for my childcare qualification, whilst simultaneously studying for a degree and working. Im not naive in knowing that so many people juggle all these things plus more. All i can say is hats off to you if you’re managing all of the above!

My childcare qualification was something I had started whilst working in a preschool, however I now nanny privately. I have to say this has changed the dynamics of my studies dramatically. Working independently looking after multiple children means I no longer have that constant support network of fellow colleagues to fall back on or simply ask for a hand. Its also limited the amount of free time I have to actually sit down with my head in the books.

Today the sudden realisation of how little time I have left hit me like freight train. I sat and thought ‘you’re going to fail this miserably’ and couldn’t shake the feeling of already being disappointed with myself.

I had my usual morning workout which sedated some of the panic. But the nagging feeling of failure was lingering still. So, I got down to it. I set myself up with my books, laptop, and a large cup of tea…ready to put my brain in to gear!

(Woah…dirty screen 😕)
It took a good hour for me to get into a rhythm, but I managed to complete quite alot in the 5 hours I spent on my work. Sometimes I forget that actually my mind works well under pressure, its just the overall anxiety that sets me off balance.

I need to find tips and techniques for motivation and time managment when it comes to studying. How do you manage your focus? Any wisdom welcome 😊